CPA Licensure Prep Summer Program

Earn 24 quarter units toward the California education requirements for CPA Licensure in just 10 weeks! This accelerated course of studies is designed to help you prepare to enter the elite professional association of Certified Public Accountants. (June 26 - September online via Zoom)

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Why CPA Licensure Prep Summer Program?

In only 10 weeks (June 24 - August 30, 2024), you can fulfill 24 quarter units (16-semester units) toward the California education requirements for CPA licensure. 

Courses are in real time via Zoom in an intense, high-quality sequence, designed to provide the detailed knowledge and skills desirable in a professional accountant. 

Courses cover professionally based material that expands upon the academic accounting curriculum offered by the UCSB Economics Department. 

Courses provide information that broadens student understanding and knowledge of modern business methods and environments. 

Taken together, the four courses in the sequence also cover topics included in the Uniform CPA Examination. 

Who should take the CPA Licensure Prep Summer Program?

The program assumes prior knowledge of cost and financial accounting at a college level; typically students should have completed a bachelor's degree program in accounting or an equivalent number of units in accounting subject matter. 

Dates and Time: June 24 - August 30, 2024

Location: Online via Zoom

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Sessions

1:00 - 4:45PM

Friday Sessions:

9:00AM - 12:45PM

Seven Wednesday Sessions:


You will be enrolled in the following courses

Advanced Auditing and Attestation (ECON X426A)

This course provides in-depth coverage of the theory and practice of the attest role of the accountant. Both auditing and other areas of attesting are addressed. The class provides comprehensive coverage of the entire audit process including engagement planning, audit sampling, audit evidence and the role of technology in the audit. The class also provides coverage of the role and procedures of internal audit. The course is part of a group of four courses that together will provide broad exposure to professional aspects of accounting that are not covered in a traditional college accounting curriculum.

Current Issues in Financial Reporting (ECON X426B)

This course provides a comprehensive study of a range of issues in financial reporting and accounting, including the theoretical and regulatory frameworks of financial statements, recognition, valuation, and measurement of assets, liabilities, equity and income, and the impact of special transactions and events on financial statements.

The Regulatory Framework of Business (ECON X426C)

This course provides comprehensive coverage of both the legal and tax aspects of the business. Tax issues covered will include the taxation of different business entities as well as individuals, and the impact these have on business decisions. The business law component of the class will include legal issues regarding contracts, professional responsibilities, government regulation, and property, among other items.

Special Topics in Accounting (ECON X426D)

This course provides extensive coverage of selected topics including economic theory, accounting for not-for-profit and government entities, cost and managerial accounting and special issues in corporate taxation.