By Staff Writer - August 29, 2023

In the vibrant heart of Santa Maria, a dedicated group of city employees embarked on the inaugural Management Training Program. This program was designed to empower public administrators with essential skills and knowledge.


Alma Mendez also shares her experience: "I really enjoyed our class topics, and the instructors were also very knowledgeable. It gave me great input and confidence to bring to my work and personal life."

As the first cohort of the Santa Maria Management Training Program graduates, these individuals have laid a strong foundation for future cohorts, setting high standards for dedication, passion, and collaboration. They've demonstrated that when like-minded individuals unite with a shared vision and determination, they can achieve remarkable outcomes.

Jon Forterra: "Our Management Training for Public Administrators program equips participants with a wide range of skills, from effective leadership and team management to data-driven decision-making and community engagement. It's about fostering collaboration, developing leadership competencies, and making a lasting impact in their roles."

We understand that the program's true name is the "Management Training for Public Administrators," a crucial initiative under our Organizational Partnership Program. While funded by our GROW initiative, we are committed to ensuring that this program continues to thrive beyond the scope of the grant.

Thank you to the trailblazers of the Santa Maria Management Training Program for their dedication and their contributions to the Santa Maria community. 

Learn more about GROW and the Management Training Program.


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