Advanced English Program Testimonials

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"It is a fabulous language program, which has not only great teachers and interesting courses; but also multicultural experience. It's totally beyond my expectations."

– Huimin Zhu, China


"I want to express my complete satisfaction of the UCSB Extension. I am at the most beautiful campus and one of the best Universities in the world, and it was the most exciting experience I have had in my life. The AEP has an excellent group of instructors that helped me to develop my English with excellent instructional methods that reflected directly in my success in the TOEFL test and in my Academic Program. I attended classes in Chemical Engineering, where I was accepted to be part of a research team at UCSB."

– Marcilio Maximo da Silva, Brazil


"I am very glad to have UCSB as a part of my university experience — one of the most meaningful I have ever had. More than a beautiful campus, this university has surprised me with its expertise and technology. I chose to study at UCSB because of its significant efforts to operate sustainability and its national recognition in the Green Building segment. Initially I attended the Intensive Academic English program and had excellent professors, all very willing to help and make us feel at home. I then enrolled in both Engineering courses and the Green Building Certificate program. Certainly, an opportunity that has enabled me to have an incredible launching pad for this career that I am very passionate about. I have a warm spot in my heart for UCSB, and I will miss it a lot."

– Flávia Andrade, Brazil


"All the classes that I took from AEP Program helped me a lot to improve my English skills. The professors are really friendly, and they do everything that they can to help you even outside of class. We were encouraged to do many presentations and write papers, which were very helpful when I was taking University courses. So, all I have to say is thank you to everyone from AEP Program that taught me not just English, but also how to live in the American culture."

– Laissa Aparecida Praxedes dos Reis, Brazil


"I feel so grateful to have this experience. UCSB is the most beautiful university I have seen. Here they have the very old trees and colorful flowers. The beaches are also amazing places. What’s more, the teachers here are also very excellent. They are responsible for their job and treat me very well. And I love the library most. It provides a perfect place to study. In conclusion, I feel so lucky to have this experience."

– Chengxi (Kelly) Li, China