Feel-Good Teaching - STEM CON & Beyond

ED X320.20 -STEM CON & Beyond 2024: Bring Your "A" Game 

STEM CON & Beyond 2024 is a three-day, online professional development conference where elementary & secondary teachers engage in live and pre-recorded training on a wide range of STEM topics. Sessions are aimed to meet teachers where they are (literally & figuratively) to help them implement rigorous, innovative, and standards-based STEM lessons.

Throughout the conference, teachers gain access to video training as well as live panels and interviews with the presenters and special guests. Attendees will have multiple opportunities to interact with presenters to have their questions answered and to engage in discussion.

The class for credit will be open for enrollment until September 1, 2024. 


For more information, contact:

Kerry Tracy; phone: 971-319-1574; email: kerry@feelgoodteaching.com; hello@feelgoodteaching.com