Healthcare Careers

Health-related courses taught by UCSB faculty and local medical professionals. This program offers a wide array of courses at convenient times online and in-person for both students and working professionals. Courses can provide future healthcare leaders a foundation in emergency medicine, medical terminology, anatomy and the humanities as they relate to healthcare.

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These professional courses are perfect for...

...Pre-med/pre-health students or those who want to become a more well-rounded medical professional with increased empathy, more understanding of historical and social contexts of disease, and a better resiliency to burnout. 

What does the Healthcare Careers Program Offer?

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Emergency Medical Technician – Basic

XLRN 815.EMT - Emergency Medical Technician – Basic

This program is designed to give the student the skills and knowledge to function as a working Emergency Medical Technician at the basic level. The program is intended for those who want to gain employment as a firefighter, emergency care technician at a hospital and Ambulance driver or attendant. It is also for those individuals who are planning on attempting to obtain a higher level of medical training such as RN, PA or MD as an enhancement for the competitive application process for those professions.

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XLRN 815.CPR CPR/AED For Healthcare Providers & Professional Rescuers

The Basic Life Support (BLS) course provides healthcare providers and public safety professionals the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in adult, child and infant patients. Consistent with the 2015 AHA Guidelines for CPR/ECC, BLS is the foundational CPR/AED program typically required for healthcare providers and public safety professionals.

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CPR/AED For Healthcare Providers & Professional Rescuers
National Registry EMT Psychomotor Skills Verification

XLRN 820.EMT - National Registry EMT Psychomotor Skills Verification

Course for California EMTs needing psychomotor skills verification as required by California Code of Regulations 2 Title 22

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ESS X400 - Medical Terminology

New Course!
Medical Terminology for Health Professions gives students in-depth instruction in recognizing and forming medical terms. Students will gain an understanding of basic elements, rules of building and analyzing medical words, and medical terms associated with body structure, body systems, and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

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medical terminology
human form

ESS X401 - Human Form and Function

New Course!
Introduction of the basic structure and function of the human body. Emphasis will be placed on the interrelationships between the systems of the body and their application to human movement.

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