Labor market analysts project a growing and sustained demand for qualified public accountants. Business and government organizations are seeking employees with a strong accounting background who can collect, analyze, and interpret financial data. Do you have what it takes?

This Professional Certificate Program Provides:

  • Short-term professional training in accounting and finance to individuals operating a business practice, or those who may desire to pursue an entry-level career in accounting.
  • Tools and principles in basic intermediate accounting as well as business law, financial statement analysis, and managerial accounting.

Intended Audience: Accounting professionals who currently own or manage a business, individuals seeking entry into an accounting career, and individuals wishing to study specific subjects without pursuing the certificate.

Additional Details

Program Course Schedule

Recommended Prerequisites Course # Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Principles of Financial Accounting I ECON X400A 4 UCSB      
Principles of Financial Accounting II ECON X400B 4   UCSB    
Required Courses (24 units total)            
Intermediate Accounting I ECON X420A 4     UCSB  
Intermediate Accounting II ECON X420B 4       UCSB
Intermediate Accounting III ECON X420C 4 UCSB      
Financial Statement Analysis ECON X418 4     UCSB  
Managerial Accounting ECON X432 4   UCSB   UCSB
Business Law BUSAD X408L 4 UCSB   UCSB  

UCSB UCSB          Online Online          B Blended

This matrix lists courses we plan to offer during the time indicated and is subject to change. Additional courses may be offered; see our current quarter's catalog for the most up-to-date information.


The program requirements are defined in the Program Course Schedule.

The approximate cost of completion of this program is $ 3,300 (plus $1000 for two recommended prerequisites courses). Individual course fees are paid upon enrollment. Estimated costs are subject to change and do not include fees for course materials.

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