Gain a solid foundation in important business strategy areas; including accounting, business formation and law, finance, and the foundations of strategy. Completion of these courses demonstrates to prospective or current employers evidence of recent professional-level training in this field. In some cases, course work may also be applied toward continuing education requirements in fields such as accounting, law, and finance.

This Professional Program Provides:

  • Opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that can be applied directly in these business arenas: accounting, finance, marketing and human resources.
  • Practical courses that include lectures, guest speakers from a variety of profession, and hands-on engagement in projects.
  • Access to local projects and professionals, allowing for exploration and networking in the local business community.

Intended Audience: UCSB students or individuals interested in adding an applied set of business-related tools and experiences to their skill set as well as local professionals looking to strengthen their understanding of successful strategies in the domains of finance, accounting, management, and related business fields.

Additional Details

Program Course Schedule

Core Courses Course # Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Business Communications and Etiquette ECON X430.65 1 UCSB      
Accounting Ethics: Professional Judgment ECON X430.30 1 UCSB      
Accountants' Professional Responsibilities: Professional Conduct ECON X430.32 1 UCSB      
Accounting Ethics: Ethical Management ECON X430.31 1   UCSB    
Investment Strategies ECON X430.51 1   UCSB    
Business Leadership and Conflict Management ECON X430.64 1   UCSB    
Accountants' Professional Responsibilities: Regulatory Obligations ECON X430.33 1     UCSB  
Industry Studies: Finance ECON X430.82 1     UCSB  
Corporate Taxation ECON X430.70 1     UCSB  
Auditing Concepts and Theory ECON X430.71 1     UCSB  
Accounting Internship Seminar ECON X430.98 2       UCSB
Business Internship Seminar ECON X430.99 2       UCSB


This matrix lists courses we plan to offer during the time indicated and is subject to change. Additional courses may be offered; see our current quarter's catalog for the most up-to-date information.


The program offers a series of courses as listed in the Program Course Schedule.

Attendance Policy:  Attendance and participation constitute a significant component of SBP course grades. As such, students are required to attend all lectures for their entirety or risk earning an "NC" for no credit. Students with late withdrawals (after the course begins) will receive a Withdrawal on their transcript. All late withdrawals are non-refundable.

Individual courses offered in this program are $140/each. 


1. Can I apply credits earned in the Strategic Business Program towards my degree?

All SBP courses are offered through UCSB Division of Professional and Continuing Education and are part of the X400 series. This is a professional development program – UCSB students cannot apply the units toward graduation credit.

2. As a student at UCSB how will this program be beneficial to me?

The Strategic Business courses offer students a unique opportunity to complement the excellent liberal arts training available to them at UCSB with a series of hands-on and practical business related courses. This is a powerful combination that is highly sought after in the marketplace. Completing Strategic Business courses help students differentiate themselves from others during their job search and on their professional school applications.


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