The Global Business Certificate Series offers a comprehensive overview of management practices and fundamental business skills from a global perspective. Designed to provide an engaging learning environment for international and domestic participants having limited work experience, this program presents opportunities for comparing and contrasting business practices around the globe. Students enroll in Strategic Business Development for the Global Marketplace, a course that requires the design of a business plan for product concepts to be sold in the global marketplace. Beyond that course, students gain practical knowledge of the essential marketing and management tools required to compete successfully through enrollment in elective course options. These elective courses include Business Negotiations, Fundamentals of Practical Project Management, Global Economics, Elements of H.R. Management, Global Marketing.

The program series enables students to:

  • Develop business skills, knowledge, and abilities by learning business fundamentals from a global perspective.
  • Participate in multiple business courses and get broad exposure to varied business disciplines, including business accounting, operations, marketing, human resources, communication, project management, negotiation, and strategic planning.
  • Gain practical knowledge and skills by engaging in case study analysis, cross-cultural negotiations, and design/presentation of business plans.
  • Study alongside International and American students and build professional networks.
  • Apply for OPT after three consecutive quarters of study (for international students only).

To be eligible for the “Global Business Leadership” certificate, participants must complete a total of 36 units from the list of courses on the schedule matrix. Students may include up to 12 units of regular session UCSB courses toward completion of this certificate. These courses must be in the area(s) of business, economics, global studies, management, and/or environmental studies (with business and/or global emphasis). International students will enroll in these regular session courses through Open University. UCSB matriculated students will submit an approval request for a particular course they wish to count toward completion of a certificate. To petition for this substitution, please fill out the petition form.


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