16.00 Academic Units Required

Empowered as speakers, writers, and communicators, the leaders of tomorrow will have an unprecedented opportunity to gain experience and expertise as they prepare to take their place in their many communities. The Leadership and Advocacy Certificate Program is an exciting, integrated program dedicated to leadership through effective communication. Linked to UCSB’s Public Speaking Initiative (www.psi.ucsb.edu), the courses in this program introduce students to the theories and practice of persuasion, justice, advocacy, civic responsibility, and local and global awareness.

This Professional Certificate Program Provides:

  • Skill development for effective leadership, advocacy, and civic engagement;
  • Strategies for engaging in research regarding leadership and advocacy;
  • Practice in developing leadership and advocacy within their communities and social events; and,
  • Opportunities to learn from and with local leaders and activists.

Intended Audience: Students and community professionals from all disciplines interested in careers in advocacy and community engagement, and individuals wishing to study specific subjects without pursuing the certificate.

Additional Details

Program Course Schedule

Required INT Courses
(4 units total)
Course # Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Dialogues in Civic Leadership INT 108 2   UCSB   UCSB
Service Project TBD 2   UCSB   UCSB
Choose 2 UCSB Courses
(8 units total)
Writing for Public Speaking WRIT 105PS 4 UCSB UCSB UCSB UCSB
Writing for Public Discourse WRIT 105PD 4 UCSB COE UCSB UCSB UCSB
Intro to Public Speaking WRIT 18/ENGL 18 4   UCSB COE    
Gender and Communication COMM 126 4       UCSB
Writing in Community WRIT 105CW 4 UCSB UCSB UCSB COE  
Advanced Public Speaking COMM 143 4     UCSB COE UCSB COE
Extension Course Options
(4 units)
Marketing for the 21st Century BUSAD X402.2 2 X   X  
Project Management and Advocacy INT X401 2   X    
Community Organizing INT X402 2     X  

All courses are offered in Santa Barbara:
X UCSB Extension          UCSB COE UCSB

This matrix lists courses we plan to offer during the time indicated and is subject to change. Additional courses may be offered; see our current quarter's catalog for the most up-to-date information.


Students are required to take 2 regular-session INT courses that feature guest speakers and require community service; two UCSB regular-session courses that focus on communication, writing, and public speaking; and two X400-level courses that teach professional skills for careers in non-profit sectors, government, arts, and civic engagement.

To be eligible for the professional certificate, students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 16 units from the above program schedule
  • Earn no less than a “C” in any particular course to be eligible for the certificate
  • Enroll in the UCSB regular-session courses via Open University if they are non-matriculated (not UCSB students)

Transfer units are not be accepted as credit toward this certificate.

Program Cost

For UCSB matriculated students the approximate cost is $1,250. Each X400-level professional course is $550. The non-refundable certificate application fee is $150. These figures do not include the costs of textbooks and/or materials, and can change without notice.

Financial Aid: Current UCSB matriculated students, who are eligible for financial aid, are strongly encouraged to take a minimum of 12 units of regular undergraduate courses. The units offered for the X400 professional courses do not count toward that minimum.

For non-UCSB matriculated students the approximate cost of completion of this program is $4,250.


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