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With the proliferation of visual communication across all media and industries, UCSB Professional and Continuing Education is pleased to offer a series of courses to help prepare an aspiring graphic designer for a professional career in print and web, and beyond.

The Digital Design and Visual Communication Certificate Program provides students with opportunities to learn essential tools so they can hone their skills, explore their creativity, and determine what career path they wish to pursue. Graphic design is the core of all creative processes and truly is the connector between marketing and print and the web. Opportunities abound for designers in everything from small businesses, agencies and design firms, to large companies!

Additional Details

Program Course Schedule

ART X420. Design Technology: Digital Design Tools (Winter 2019) - 4 units

ART X421. Digital Capture (Winter 2019) - 4 units

ART X422. Visual Design 1 (Spring 2019) - 4 units

ART X423. Introduction to Visual Communication (Spring 2019) - 4 units

Optional Course:

ART X424. Visual Design 2 (Summer 2019) 4 units


The curriculum comprises 4 required courses for a total of 16 quarter units (144 hours of instruction). An optional course may be taken upon completion of the required courses. You must take all courses for a letter grade and earn at least a "C" or better in each course in order to earn the professional certificate.

You can complete this program in as few as two quarters. The first two courses will be offered in Winter 2019, and the second two courses will be offered in Spring 2019. The optional course will be offered in the Summer 2019. All coursework must be completed within five years of registering for the program.

Program Cost

Estimated $3,150. Each course is $750 with an Early Bird Discount and the certificate application fee is $150. This does not include the cost of materials and is subject to change.


Where are the classes held?
Each course is offered in an interactive online format over an 11-week quarter. Courses are taught through GauchoSpace, UCSB's Moodle course management system. Discussions and assignments are due at the end of each week, but can be completed at the student’s convenience.

Can I succeed in the Digital Design and Visual Communication Program if I have never taken a design or studio course before?
Yes! Even if you haven't been in school for a while or have never taken an art or design course, you can succeed in this program. We will teach you the fundamentals and build your skills. The classes are offered in such a manner so that one helps prepare you for the others.

What kind of equipment and software do I need?
Please click here for a list of required equipment and software, and other suggested equipment and accessories.


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