Global Business Certificate Series

The Global Business Certificate Series offers a comprehensive overview of management practices and fundamental business skills from a global perspective. Designed to provide an engaging learning environment for international and domestic participants having limited work experience, this program presents opportunities for comparing and contrasting business practices around the globe.


This certificate series affords a progression of program offerings in the study of global business depending on the learner's time commitment and successful completion of unit requirements.

Intended Audience: Individuals interested in pursuing careers in global business, management, or entrepreneurship, or young professionals already working in these careers who are looking to upgrade their skills in business strategy, human resources, global marketing, and project management.

Program Course Schedule

Required Extension Courses Course # Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Strategic Business Development for Global Marketplace BUSAD X411.1 4 X X X  
Elective Courses            
Global Marketing BUSAD X409.11 3 X   X  
Business Negotiation BUSAD X432 4 X   X  
Foundations of Leadership BUSAD X435 4 X   X  
Workplace Culture BUSAD X438 2   X    
Elements of U.S. Human Resource Management BUSAD X450.13 4     X  
Global Economics ECON X455.1 4 X   X  
Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution MGMNT X171 2 X      
Ethical & Regulatory Environments MGMNT X172 2   X    
Business Law & Social Responsibility MGMNT X173 2     X  
Management Internship Course* MGMNT X475 4 X X X X

All courses are offered in Santa Barbara:
X UCSB Extension

* As requested

This matrix lists courses we plan to offer during the time indicated and is subject to change. Additional courses may be offered; see our current quarter's catalog for the most up-to-date information.