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As the continuing education division of the UC Santa Barbara, UCSB Extension is open to anyone seeking professional and personal development. Evening and weekend classes are designed to fit into busy schedules with convenient locations in both Santa Barbara and Ventura.

UCSB Extension Course - Urban Water Management: A Hands-On Approach
A Stage Two drought was declared by the Santa Barbara City Council May 20, 2014. Water management is a critical issue locally and globally, and is driving both public policy and behavior. UCSB Extension’s Urban Water Management course in the Fall Quarter, 2014 will increase your understanding of residential, business, and industrial water conservation strategies. See what instructor Matthew O’Carroll has to say about the course.

Engineering Trust - A Workplace Essential

That seamless, mutually reliant teamwork that produces such knockout results - it's not as easy as it looks. "Any group, organization, committee, team, or cohort relies on effective human interaction," says Engineering Trust instructor Jacqueline Oliveira. READ MORE

The Productivity Puzzle: Tools and Strategies for Women in the Workplace

Productivity in the workplace is everyone’s daily goal. For a woman in the workforce the challenges are unique. Instructor Sara Caputo's Productivity Puzzle is taking this timely and very necessary discussion to a new level. READ MORE