By Staff Writer - June 30, 2023

UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education (UCSB PaCE), also known as UCSB Extension, is dedicated to providing lifelong learning opportunities that empower individuals to thrive in their careers. With a focus on career-oriented training and customized programs, we equip learners with the skills tailored to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

Serving the Community for Over 75 Years:
For more than seven decades, UCSB PaCE has been serving the community, helping over 20,000 students and community members achieve their educational goals in the past decade alone. Our extensive catalog of over 200 courses, with over 5,000 annual enrollments, reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality education that meets the needs of individuals and organizations.

Empowering Deserving Students:
At UCSB PaCE, we believe in equal opportunities for all. Through our Open University program, we provide deserving students with the chance to upgrade their professional skills or complete their degrees. Our Empowerment and Opportunity Fund, established in Fall 2019, has awarded scholarships to over 76 students, totaling more than $35,000 as of Fall 2022.

Your Support Makes a Difference:
UCSB-PaCE is a self-supporting unit that relies on contributions from individuals and organizations in the communities we serve. By donating, you can help us cover extraordinary expenses that go beyond our course fees, enabling us to enhance our offerings and meet the evolving professional development needs of our students.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
If you are passionate about supporting education and would like to sponsor our programs, workshops, or other initiatives, we invite you to contact our finance department at Your sponsorship can make a significant impact on the educational opportunities we provide.

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