International Student Housing

Welcome to UCSB Extension International Programs! Finding a place to live is an important part of studying abroad. Here are some options; find something you like! 
This page should only be used by UCSB Extension International Program students.

There are many options:

dorms on ucsb campus

UCSB offerings

UCSB-endorsed housing options:

UCSB On-Campus Housing (Winter 2022 and Spring 2022 only)
UCSB Off-Campus Housing Finder (NetID required)

Isla Vista Pardall Road

Student Residence

Dorm-like apartments with meal plan with Tropicana:

Tropicana Gardens
Tropicana Del Norte
Tropicana Villas

Ocean View Del Playa Drive

Isla Vista

Ready to have a good time in IV? There are plenty of places to find open rooms:

UCSB Housing Search - Facebook 
IV Housing for UCSB students - Facebook 
UCSB Housing - Facebook
Apartment Finder - SBCC Housing (open to UCSB students)
Roommate Finder - SBCC Housing (open to UCSB students)

Student Room

Online Housing Marketplace


Private rental companies that help you to find the right fit for you:

Coral Group SB
Craigslist SB

UCSB Library

Need help with housing?

UCSB Community Housing Office can assist you in discussing IV and Santa Barbara options!