Teach for Us 

Share your knowledge
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction to our students, and we are always looking for new instructors who have a passion for sharing their knowledge with others.


Who are our Instructors?

  • Real-world professionals and noted experts in their fields.
  • Professionals who love to teach, and who care deeply about communities.
  • Individuals who want students to take what they learn from class and apply it immediately in their jobs.
  • Individuals who want to teach subjects in which they are experts with a wide range of knowledge.
  • Experienced teachers who benefit and learn from their classes--almost as much as they contribute to the students' learning.

Why teach with us?

  • To make a difference in peoples' lives and careers.
  • To engage with your community.
  • To experience the diversity of lifelong learners.
  • To expand your own personal and professional networks.
  • To learn as much as you teach.

What sets our instructors apart?

We are learner-centered.
We measure our organization by what our students learn.

We are committed to excellence.
We are driven to provide the best educational experience for the career-minded.

We offer lifelong access.
We meet the needs of a diverse population, teaching people of all ages, at any time and at their convenience.

We are engaged with the public.
Our partnerships lead to social, cultural, and economic development, locally and internationally.