By Staff Writer - February 9, 2023


[Santa Barbara, CA]: Professional and Continuing Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB PaCE), announced a new partnership with The Blockchain Academy today. The UC Santa Barbara Extension - Professional and Continuing Education department’s (UCSB PaCE) blockchain program partnership provides students and professionals and a global network with top in-demand programs designed to fill the explosive blockchain workforce skills gap. This partnership will provide the curriculum, labs, and instructional support to establish UCSB PaCE as a leading source of blockchain education, certification, and talent for hire. 

“The global competition for talent has domestic and international students seeking skills that can give them a competitive edge,” says Alex Clarke, Senior Program Manager at UCSB PaCE. “Blockchain technology is expected to change most industries, so nearly every career path can benefit from its understanding.”

“Blockchain technology has fundamentally changed the power structure we’ve known and lived with for 1,000s of years.  Everything we’ve known, power, information, and decisions have primarily been centralized,” says Ryan Williams, Executive Director at The Blockchain Academy.  “Blockchain distributes or democratizes power, which disrupts the status quo, which is both exciting and scary.  As with everything, it is more exciting and less scary the more you know.”

The benefits of this new partnership include.

  • UCSB PaCE and The Blockchain Academy partnership provide students and upskilling professionals the most comprehensive blockchain program catalog globally. 
  • Programs prepare certificate holders for six-figure salaries, $110,000 to $175,000 in California, as enterprise-grade blockchain developers, project managers, and business strategists.
  • Soulbound NFT Course Badges, Program Certificates, Microcredentials and Certification.

About UCSB Professional and Continuing Education: UCSB PaCE, formerly UCSB Extension, is committed to providing essential skills and expertise to compete in today's job market. We are helping shape the future of our community, connecting UCSB with our fast-growing entrepreneurial base, and providing opportunities for career advancement and lifelong learning for students of all ages. Our International Programs enable visiting students, scholars and professionals worldwide to experience the outstanding research and instruction at our top-rated University.
About The Blockchain Academy: The Blockchain Academy partners with universities, associations, and industry employers to provide turnkey blockchain curriculum and instruction to help scale business, industry-specific, and technical blockchain talent.  Blockchain program design and student outcomes focus on industries most ripe for blockchain’s impact, including Finance, Supply Chain, Accounting, Legal, Insurance, and Healthcare. Technical training programs are focused on where the most job opportunities are, which today include Ethereum, EOS, Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric.

For further information contact:
Alex Clarke
UC Santa Barbara Extension - Professional and Continuing Education
Senior Program Manager

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