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PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - The most effective leaders in business understand the individual components of their organization.  More importantly, they know how to ensure that they come together to efficiently execute on the organization’s chosen strategies.  Develop your managerial skill-set and learn to make the right decisions to enable success in the marketplace. Live online and/or asynchronous class options available.


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…This certificate is intended for early to mid-career professionals wanting to get formally trained in various aspects of business management to excel in their duties and advance their careers.  It is intended to deliver the basics of MBA with unique specialization tracks without the MBA price tag or extensive time commitment

What you'll learn...

  • Market research tools and techniques
  • Application of essential legal analysis methods and principles to business transactions, relationships, and projections 
  • The strategic planning and execution process 
  • Essential finance tools such as cash flow analysis and TMV (time value of money) for investment and decision making
  • Product differentiation and positioning strategies
  • Effective pricing strategies
  • Ethical considerations in business decision-making

Maximilian Tittgemeyer

PaCE transformed my worldview, connecting diverse cultures and shaping my business acumen.
UCSB Student


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Individual Courses $425 - $685 $319 - $514 --
Estimated Certificate Cost $3,945 $2,984 $10,245
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business foundations seal

Business Foundations

Students will learn the role of strategy within planning processes; determine the financial benefits of investments; and lay out cash flow that impacts executive decisions and end-game results. 


leadership essentials seal

Leadership Essentials

Students will learn to leverage their own unique strength to be a confident, strong leader and decision-maker; how to build high-performing teams; and recognize, understand and use emotions in positive ways to manage challenging social and work situations. 


business communication seal

Business Communication

Students will learn to harness the power of communication to succeed with internal and external stakeholders; to examine how psychology plays important roles in business communication, especially in conflicts; and how to identify and employ tools to resolve and prevent disputes.. 


project leadership seal

Project Leadership

Students will learn to recognize, understand, and use emotions in positive ways to manage difficult social and work situations; the skills and knowledge areas of successful project management; to identify exceptional organizational design. 


marketing and branding seal

Marketing and Branding

To earn this Digital Credential, the student has learned to analyze brands and define branding; create functional and strategic marketing plans; identify the impact of consumer demographics and behavior; and recognize the factors that impact brand strategy. 


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